Total Care Pediatrics offers a full array of services to help your child maintain good health.

Prevention Care Visits

To avoid illnesses when possible, we perform routine health maintenance/Preventative medical examinations based on the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for all patients from birth through 21 years of age. Click here.

Sick Care Visits

We perform scheduled and same day examinations for non-emergent acute illnesses. In order to fit you in, you may need to be double booked. We will happily see patients from other offices during urgent care hours.

Special Needs Patient Care

On a case by case basis, we will consider continuing to care for patients with special pediatric specific needs ( such as severe mental retardation) who are 22 years old or older. The patient’s primary insurance must be Medicaid or Medicare to qualify for consideration.

Same Day Sick Appointments

New patients can be seen on the same day for acute sickness evaluation if the visit is scheduled for no later than 4:00pm. Established patients can be seen up until 4:30pm for same day appointments. You may have to be double booked to accommodate your visit.


This is very common type of closed head traumatic brain injury, most common in very active people. We diagnosis concussion, evaluate how bad the injury is, and provide a written treatment plan for home management, return to school or sports, etc, based on CHOA or CDC protocols.


The conditions are becoming more and more common. It is due to wiring in the brain that makes the patient fidgety and lack focus. Diagnosis and management requires special paperwork to be completed before the visit. We can offer medication and talk therapy for treatment. We will work with schools to manage.

Sports Physical

School systems and sports clubs often require examinations to clear your child for participation. We will perform these physicals and complete the form for free at preventative visits, or for a cash fee during urgent care.

Prenatal Visits

Congratulations on the new addition(s) to your family! Most expectant parents choose their baby’s pediatrician while pregnant. We encourage you to schedule a conference with us to get to know the practice and physician. We offer prenatal consults free of charge. These visits can be scheduled for 8:00am or 4:30pm.

Urgent Care

We provide non-routine preventative care outside of usual business hours seven (7) days per week. Established patients may be seen in the office between 6:00am and 8:00am Monday through Friday on a case by case basis. Call the office to reach the provider on call. Insurance will require urgent care/Emergency Room copays.

Behavior/Psychological Counseling

We offer counseling from our provider and/or with our in house licensed Child Psychologist. The Child Psychologist will be available on an as needed basis, depending on need, acuity, and patient volume. You can visit the Child Psychologist at a different location should your care require it. We can also test for learning disorders.

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy eating habits start at a very early age. A child’s eating habits often mirror those of the adults in their lives. Obesity has reached epidemic levels in pediatric patients, and it negatively affects children’s quality of life. We will provide teaching on eating habits for parents and children. We plan to provide counseling from our provider as well as a registered dietician.

Insurance Filing

As a courtesy service, we will file a claim for payment of services with your primary insurance company. We will file a secondary insurance claim ONLY if your secondary insurance is Medicaid or Medicare, as appropriate.

Jaundice Treatment

It is common for a newborn baby’s skin to take on a yellow hue. The yellow color is caused by a high blood bilirubin level. When safe and appropriate, we will treat your baby’s jaundice at home with special lights. This will require daily office visits and labs while being treated.

Asthma Management

Asthma is a chronic lung condition that makes patients wheeze and/or cough. As an ICU doctor, Dr. Perry can provide a more intensive level of care for asthma flares than most general pediatricians would be comfortable with. Dr. Perry will also provide education on managing and preventing asthma attacks.

Teen Care

Teen/preteen years are unique & difficult. Patients are not quite adults but not exactly children either. Teenagers require a special approach to their typical risk taking behaviors. We care for teens’ needs with a sensitive non-judgmental & confidential approach. In coordination with the parent and patient, will include sex, STIs, pregnancy, driving, sleep, drugs, vaping, & more.

Pre-Procedure Clearance

There are times when your child needs a surgery or procedure. To ensure the anesthesia and procedure are as safe as possible, your child will often require an examination to clear them. We are able to do the examination to determine if it is safe or not to clear your child.

TB Screens

We test patients for TB (tuberculosis) with a newer blood test, which is much more convenient than the old skin testing. This method of testing does not require you to return to the office for the reading and the result.


Total Care Pediatrics is a pro vaccine practice. We require patients in our practice to receive all AAP/CDC/ACIP recommended vaccines, not just the vaccines required for school. We will work with families on a mutually agreed upon written vaccine schedule. You are not required to have insurance to receive vaccines. We can offer them to you at the same price as the health department.

Form Completion

We complete any forms related to your healthcare that you require. The most common forms will be completed for free at the time of the visit. Other forms will be completed for a per item or a one time annual service fee. Forms at the visit are completed same day. There is a 3 business day turnaround for forms. A separate rush fee is charged for forms needed in less than 3 business days.

Depression & Anxiety

Our Doctors will conduct screenings for anxiety and depression. If the screening tools indicate the need, we will treat with therapy and medications.

Lab Testing

Based on clinical need, we will test perform common lab testing to include strep, mono, flu, RSV, urine, blood sugar, hemoglobin, lead, and other. We plan to offer measurements of blood salts, gases and more.


As allowed under Georgia law, we will operate a small dispensing pharmacy in the office for common over the counter and prescription medications. We will not dispense medications of abuse or addiction such as narcotics. Specialty medications will be evaluated on an individual basis according to need.

Community Education

To improve the health level of the entire community, we will conduct community education classes on common and some less known diseases. We will teach first aid and CPR. We will conduct classes on specific diseases such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, sepsis, and more. We plan to develop online educational content as well.

Complex/Chronic Care

Because Dr. Perry is an ICU doctor, he is very comfortable taking care of chronic and complex medically fragile patients, such as those on oxygen, with tracheostomy, with g-tubes/buttons, heart disease/ after open heart surgery, V-P shunts, and more. We will not be able to prevent subspecialty visits, but we should be to decrease visits by coordinating with your specialist.

Cutting Edge Medicine

Due to his dual board certification, Dr. Perry is capable and excited to contribute to cutting edge medical knowledge and treatments by caring for patients with new unique diseases, most notably PICS (Post Intensive Care Syndrome) and PSS (Post Sepsis Syndrome). We will coordinate with schools and others to integrate your child back into their life.


Incision and Drainage

Some infections build up within pus pockets that are not at the surface of the skin or deeper than just the skin surface. In this case, antibiotics alone will not cure the infection. The infection has to be drained out. Dr. Perry can lance or Incise and drain (I & D) the pus pocket in the office for most such infections so that they can be cured and heal.

Earwax Removal

Some people naturally produce more ear wax or cerumen than others. The excess wax can block the ear canal affecting hearing or cause discomfort. We will remove problematic ear wax build up and teach you ways to keep the ears cleared. NEVER place anything in your ear that is smaller than your elbow, or risk rupture of your eardrum.

Foreign Body Removal

Sometimes objects get stuck in places and you are unable to remove them. We will remove foreign bodies from ears, skin, nose, etc when safe. We will not remove objects stuck in the eye ball, airway, other critical locations, as those require an emergency room visit and likely operating room management.

Minor Cut Treatment

We will treat simple non-infected cuts in the office as long as the patient does not have to be sedated to repair. We will consider simple sutures but not layered complex suturing. We will consider skin glue as well. We will not suture sensitive areas such as edge of lip, face, etc, because they require plastic surgery.

Sprains & Strains

We will treat minor sprains and strains with ace wrapping. We will treat finger fractures with splints. We will not treat fractures that require casting. We will not see patients who may require x-rays. Please call the office before coming so we can determine if x-rays are needed. We use RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) therapy for fresh sprains and strains. Click here.

Minor Burns

We will clean and dress minor burns from contact burns such as touching something hot, liquid spills, chemical contact. We will not treat electrical burns. We will not treat burns to sensitive areas such as genitalia, across joints, or face. Those require a burn surgeon and E.R. visit.


Circumcision is removal of the excess skin from the head of the penis. There is no medical reason(s) to routinely circumcise. Circumcision is most often done for religious or customary reasons. Dr. Perry performs circumcisions on newborns and infants up to 6 months. Dr. Perry can diagnose conditions that need circumcision and refer for surgery.

Hearing & Vision Screen

We check your child’s vision using a eye chart and/or a vision machine. This is done during preventive care visits or due to certain complaints. We check your child’s hearing with a machine that checks both ears with tones of different loudness. They are done as part of health prevention visits or due to concerns.

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